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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 4, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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boarded a dubai-bound plane in new york. in the hours since, the attorney general says the pakistani-born u.s. citizen has admitted trying to set off a car bomb in times square on saturday. >> it is clear that this was a terrorist plot aimed at murdering in americans in one of the busiest places in our country. >> reporter: the fbi is searching shahzad's last known address in connecticut. he paid cash for this suv and packed it with explosives and left it idling. >> as americans and as a nation, we will not be terrorized. we will not cower in fear. we will not be intimidated. >> reporter: the president has received several briefings about this case. faisal shahzad recently rushed from a five-day stay in pakistan. there was no information in about him in terror databases. he was put on the no-fly list hours before his arrest, but
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still got on the plane. customs officials recognized his name on a passenger manifest and tracked him down just in time. >> i was never in any fear that we were in danger of losing him. >> reporter: attorney general says the suspect has been mirandized, is cooperating with investigators and has provided some valuable information. charging papers show he has been charged with five different counts that includes charges of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. life on capitol hill hill, back to you. law enforcement is still trying to find the man seen in that surveillance footage in the area where the sufficient was parked in that ali? >> they say they would like to talk to anyone who was in the area that might have son information. they think it was probably just someone changing their shirt, last we heard. >> thank you. we are hearing a communications now between air traffic controllers and the pilots aboard the flight that faisal shahzad was on headed for dubai.
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the plane pulled away from the gate and was headed to the runway when they got word to turn around. >> actually, i have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately. make the left turn when able. >> 202, make the left turn on to echo west alpha back to the ramp. i don't know exactly why you but you can call your company for the reason. >> the flight was delayed for several hours. and all of the other passengers on board were screened once again before the plane finally took off this morning. there is still no word where the government plans to hold terror trials of the master minds of the 911 trials. attorney general eric holder said they are still deciding where they will be dried. the obama administration is not
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sure. >> i think anointly new york and washington d.c. remain targets of people who would do this nation harm. regardless of where a particular trial is, where a particular event is going to cur, i think that is going to remain true. that is why we have to be especially vigilant in new york and washington. we are considering a number of options with regard to where that trial might be held. i'll leave it at that. >> fox5 is always on on click on the tab to read the latest development in this case. an accident or cold blooded murder. tonight two very different stories are emerging out of a uva lacrosse player. her accused killer another lacrosse player. today lawyers began laying out their defense. at the same time court documents revealed graphic new details about this alleged crime. sharely lye is following the developments tonight. >> reporter: well, yardley love's exboyfriend claims that
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this was an accident, yet we have graphic new details that i have to warn you are in these court documents that we are about to share with you that police say describe a brutal murder. when a roommate found yardley love's body, police search warrants say she was on the bed face down in a pillow with a pool of blood. her face was bruised from what appeared to be blunt force trauma and one of her eyes swollen shut. >> no matter how many times you see that, that is an undescribable feeling of sadness. >> reporter: in the affidavit officers say her exboyfriend, george huguely, confessed that he shook love and her head repeatedly hit the wall and that he kicked in her bedroom door. huguely made an initial appearance in court via closed circuit tv, charged with first degree murder. outside huguely's attorney said this was in the a premeditated crime. >> we are confident that ms.
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love acidest was not intended, but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> reporter: huguely's parents and stepfather left the courthouse refusing to answer questions. >> did your son kill her? >> reporter: according to warrants, huguely said scratches and bruises on his hands and arms from playing lacrosse. both he and love played lacrosse for uva. huguely has withdrawn from the university and remains in jail. >> when more information comes available, we hope no conclusions be drawn or judgments about george or his case. >> reporter: huguely told investigators the two had broken up. police won't talk about motive, but say they are investigating reports around campus about previous trouble between the couple. >> we don't have any documented evidence that is in the way of police reports or of detective order or anything like that with regard to things that may have occurred in the past. >> reporter: according to the court documents, huguely says he communicated with love by e-
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mail and they say he told them he took her computer, threw it away. that computer has now been recovered. during his court appearance huguely did not say anything. he wore a striped jail uniform. and the only thing he did say was at the very end when he just said thank you, your honor. >> shari, when is the next court dated and what will that deal with? >> reporter: well, what we understand is that the court date has been set for june 10th. that point a preliminary hearing date should be set. the commonwealth attorney also has the ops of take this case to the grand jury, but he has not said if he intends to do that. and he has not said whether he will make to a capital case. >> sharely lye live tonight. we did some additional check and found court records that huguely has a previous conviction in rock ridge county, virginia, for resisting arrest, public swearing and intoxication. he was sentenced to six months probation and fined. the full affidavit of this
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investigation is on our website. head over to now for the latest in three d.c. teenagers charged in the death of principal betts. a judge ordered all three held without bond. >> reporter: interests a lot of paperwork in this case. this is all of it. there are four charging documents. and this one of these charging documents police say that one of these defendants has already confessed. delawn ray grey said he was at betts house the night of the murder and he stole some of his property. there is no mention in these documents about a shooter. however, police do hint in these documents that there is a fourth person out there. someone who is not yet in custody. sharif lancaster, grey, have
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been arrested numerous times. gun charges, robbery charges. court documents say the three were caught on surveillance cameras using brian betts' credit cards hours after his murder. sharif lancaster was seen multiple times. elan ta saunders twice. outside the courthouse lancaster's father said his son had nothing to do with it. what kind of young man is he? >> all i can say is he is -- >> sander's mother and stepfather were also in court. what you would like us to know about him? >> he didn't kill nobody. >> sir, we don't want to comment right now. it's a sad case for both the victims and ourselves. right now we just want to try to go and, you know, find some type of restitution in our heart for all of this whole matter. >> reporter: also charged in this case is the mother of sharif lancaster, who police say was seen use brian betts' credit card alt a food store?
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silver spring. court charging documents say police were able to identified arturo williams through a rental car she was driving. the car's license plate was captured by a surveillance camera at a le ways where betts' credit card was used. she rented the car with her d.c. drivers license. late this afternoon state's attorney john mccar think spoke with reporters, saying the three teens face life in possibility f parole. he would not address the possibility police were look for a fourth suspect or even say if police had the shooter in custody. >> it's an ongoing investigation. and because of that i don't think they foreclosed the possibility that there are other individuals involved. but whether or not other individuals are charged, we'll see a result of the continuing police investigation. >> reporter: brian betts was found shot to death in his silver spring home after he failed to show up for work at shaw middle school at garnet paterson. place say he met at least one of the young men now accused in the case through a phone sex
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chat line. now, police of police said they had met through this chat line. but there is no mention in these documents about the chat line, what the name of the chat line is, who called who, how they found each other. nothing at all in here about that. john mccarthy told us today that's not important right now. what is important is the evidence in the case and what connects these three young men to the crime. >> there are so many twists and turns in this case. paul, i also understand that some or all of those suspects were supposed to be under the supervision of the district's youth services? >> reporter: that's right. peter nickles, the attorney general, along with mayor fennellty last night spoke with reporters and admitted that these three were under the supervis of the department of youth and rehabilitation services. but there is some vague parts of this story, we're not exactly sure where and how, other than we were told that they were escapes or absconders from new beginnings.
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>> thank you, paul. chancellor michelle reed emphasized no matter what the circumstances are surround his death, he will be remembered for helping children. >> for two decades this man dedicated his life to children, carted kids back and forth from schools, to afterschool activities. paid for trips, their college tuition, that sort of thing. and so that is his legacy. >> she also says word of an arrest is bringing some contract to students at the school. an suv crashed into a d.c. public library this afternoon that left a 12 by 9-foot hole in the back of this building. police say a teenage driver drove his mother's escalade right into the building and left the scene with his sister. investigators say he returned a few minutes later and was then take ininto custody. developing right now, the disaster in the gulf is fueling a new firestorm of controversy.
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who is responsible when tragedies like this happen? the money game is now heating up. we have the latest from louisiana and the far-reaching impact next. the council says marijuana is there to ease pain. there is hope in this bill for patients with certain chronic conditions. so, so nice out there today. we want to know, is this kind of weather going to stick around? we will take a look at the forecast. >> i hope it sticks around. we hope you do, too. fox5 news continues after this.
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now to the developing story on the gulf coast. the first signs of crude are now washing ashore. meantime, the oil spill is take a political turn. lawmakers on the hill are pushing the amount oil companies have to pay for economic related to a disaster like this one. craig boswell has the latest from venice louisiana. >> reporter: from the air you can see what appears to be oil washed up on the mississippi shore line. the dark pool spreading across the coast from gulfport. the cost to the environment and the economy has yet to be determined as the leak isn't expected to be stopped any time soon. all this prompting new jersey senators and florida senator to back legislation that would raise the legal cap on damages companies must pay for oil
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spills from 75 million to $10 billion. >> i don't think $75 million is going to help the shrimp fishermen in louisiana. i don't think it's going to help the commercial fishermen. it's not going to help the tourism community. >> reporter: it has brought commercial fishing in the region to a halt and is expected to affect the tourism season across the gulf states. they are asking for president obama to expand his offshore proposal for offshore drilling. but supporters of offshore drilling say harnessing oil in their own backyard is critical to energy independence in america. >> sadly, it now takes this environmental and economic disaster to remind everyone how lethal this production is, even when it's 42 miles off the
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louisiana coast. >> reporter: senator nelson says he is prepared to filibuster any climate bill that allows drilling. craig boswell. there will be plenty of time to assign blame on the oil spill. the dominican republickic party of virginia is calling on governor mcdonald to support president obama's call to delay any new offshore drilling projects until a full investigation of the gulf disaster is complete. the govern he says he wants to learn from the accident off louisiana's coast, but he still thinks drilling could begin off virginia's coast as soon as next year or early 2012. tracking wicked weather in the south. it has killed at least 29 people in tennessee, mississippi, and kentucky. this is downtown nashville where the floodwaters from torrential rains are receding. a main power circuit failed in the city, knocking out power to
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a 24-square-block area. the power will be out until friday at the earliest. meantime, back here at home a beautiful day. temperatures warming up a little bit. >> i think gary called it a really, really nice day. gary, i sure do agree with you. >> good. i think we have a little run here of some real good stuff. and one of the reasons it was so good today is we didn't have much in the way of clouds. the humidity stayed low. obviously, all these guys thought it was a great dirk too. in their kayaks doing what they do. and it looks like they are kind of working the whitewater there. great shots this evening from sky fox. and i would be hard pressed for sky fox to find a bad picture out there this afternoon and this evening. actually, the next couple of days, too. that's cool. back here at home we have been watching for at least a chance for an isolated thunderstorm or
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two. right now all of the activity is up to the north of us, in pennsylvania, and we have not seen anything firing up. we were thinking we might see one or two showers or thunder showers popping up back to the west. it has not happened. that's good news. so it looks like for this evening we are going to stay very, very nice. it's warm, too. 82 here in the city. least berg 83. leesburg 83. i think at 7:00 we are going to be right around 80 degrees. very, very nice. winds just a breeze at 5 to 15 miles per hour. still mild at 9:00 p.m. 73 degrees. and right around 70 at 11:00. again, really, really nice weather coming in the next couple of days. and t .ie
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on hugh. fair game or appropriate use of force? a 17-year-old fan hopped the fence last night. philadelphia officer used his taser to take him down. there is discuss whether the officer was justified in use the taser.
5:25 pm
the teenager is okay but he will be charged with criminal trespassing. >> hopefully a different kind of exsitement at nationals ballpark tonight . >> reporter: it's good out here. not only are they winning, they are the only game in town, ateleioses for the next month or so, on the nationals' sports scene here in washington, d.c. >> they are going to get help. stephen strasburg was promoted to triple-a syracuse. he will make his international league start on friday. he is expected to be called up to the big leagues sometime next month. the big league team is very well. the nats are doing very well. third place. talk about improvement. over the last four years, through 25 games, they have had identical records. today they are 13-12 and tied for third and everyone is happy. so happy they are flipping.
5:26 pm
flip. it's a game. it happens before each real game. think of it as hackky sack with gloves. and if you are responsible for the ball dropping, you are out. last man standing wins. the game speaks volumes about a team that is winning and everybody is getting along. >> it's a wonderful city. great diversity of people here. it's a national pastime. so, you know, if we can go on for the winning team on the field, you know, i think the people will come. i think we have already given them a little something to be excited about. >> all you can do is look around and see that we have a buzz, you know. guys are -- the guys are committed to buy in on what jim riggleman is selling. we have a real good cohesive unit here. >> reporter: the third place nats host the atlanta braves today. leon powe hernandez will be on the hill for the nats. come up at 6:00 we will hear from ryan zimmerman. changes come to metro.
5:27 pm
proposed fair hikes, service cuts and more. what is the new guy in charge have to say about all this? metro's interim manager answers some tough questions on fox5. and medical marijuana gets the green light in the nation's capital. how and where will doctors distribute the drugs? we are break it all down, coming up next. former first lady laura bush is in town promoting her new book. will it live up to all the high pressure? hype.
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the d.c. council unanimously approved an historic legislation today allowing the use of medical marijuana. 14 states already have laws on the books. >> reporter: hey, shaun, this is an issue d.c. residents have voted on before. it was an initiative that 69% of voters approved back in
5:31 pm
1998. for ten years congress refused to allow it to be implemented. now there's a congress. the new bill would allow sick people to get four ounces of marijuana over any 30-day period. the new bill doesn't let just any old body smoke marijuana. you have to be sick with aides, glaucoma, cancer, or other debilitating condition. >> they can go to licensed dispensaries or have quality control so they can get mel grade cannabis. >> there were patients at the vote. people like debbie who has breast cancer and said she started smoking marijuana because she couldn't deal with the side effects of oxycontin and oxycodone. >> in january when i started using this and tried it and said, oh, my god, it relieves my pain. >> reporter: it would require patients to have a doctor's signed permission to get their
5:32 pm
marijuana. there would be cultivation centers registered with the health department. >> they are not going to look like hash bars or coffee houses. also included in this bill is a prohibition of use of medical marijuana at the dispensary. >> reporter: the main's sponsor is hopeful congress won't reject it. >> i think it's going to be very defensible before could be congress, you know, and we always have to be very careful. sometimes more restrictive than we would otherwise like. >> reporter: what about the suggestion this measure is the first step towards legalize the recreational use of marijuana? >> it's people who are afraid of legalization and would arrest patients in order to prevent it who are taking advantage of sick people. not the other way around. >> the council rejected an amendment that would have protected patients on the job. it would not have been helpful to protect people under the
5:33 pm
influence, especially if they had jobs in law enforcement or anything that would endanger the pubilc. >> thank you. the bill now goes to the mayor who is expected to sign it. it then they had to capitol hill for congressional review. over to maryland where today the governor signed new laws targeting sex offenders. one requires mandatory lifetime supervision for violent and repeat sex offenders. the laws also increase mandatory minimum sentencing for child predators. the family of 11 sarah fox well attended today's bill signing. she was kidnapped from her aunt's home back in salisbury and her body discovered reason christmas day last here. thomas legs, a convicted sex offender, is charged with her murder. big changes are booming for metro and its riders. the transit agency is trying to close a $189 million budget gap for the next fiscal year. earlier today interim general mer gave his first tv interview
5:34 pm
since take over the helm. he shares what he wants to accomplish do you remember his tenure i. want to see the budget put together and put to bed by the board. i want it see the capital program, the pulled eye jurisdictional agreement put in place. i want to see the safety positions filled. i want to see us improving our safety record. >> metro's board seems ready to approve a 15% fare hike for the rails, and a 15% surcharge during peak hours. expect delays if you are driving on the dulles toll road over night. all east and westbound lanes will be shut down four times between midnight and 3 am. it will be about 15 minutes each time. dominion virginia power is removing old power lines. former first lady laura bush returned to our area kicking off a promotional tour for her new book.
5:35 pm
>> hundreds of people turned out today to a mcclain bookstore. >> reporter: the store is called books a million. lucky for the former first lady, that's not how many books she had to sign. >> she really didn't say too much. >> reporter: 16 months after leaving the white house in washington, laura bush has spoken from the heart, arrived in book stores this week. >> i never met her before. what a great heart. >> reporter: the former first lady wouldn't talk to the press and kept a comfortable distance away. but she did chat briefly with each person in line as she signed her book. the 432-page autobiography traces a life story as first lady, political wife, mother of twins, and librarian from midland, texas. >> i'm from texas, so i knew what i was going to say. >> reporter: what did you say.
5:36 pm
>> hello, i'm from texas, how are you? >> reporter: but getting a spot on line was not easy. >> it says laura bush, and books a million. >> reporter: the former first lady's fan had to line up for wrist bands over the weekend. >> sunday. you had to get in line to get in line. >> reporter: but once inside folks got what they came for. a little face time with laura bush, a signed book, and an afternoon they won't soon forget. the book tour is just getting started. she will appear at the george washington university on thursday night. in mcclain, tom fitzgerald. mrs. bush had a literacy legacy long before her autobiography. as first lady, she spearheaded the national book festival on the national mall, an event that continued since her husband left office. first tiger, then jesse james, now this. he may be the star. fox's hit bones.
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a texas man got hauled off to jail for protesting in the nude. police in fort worth said he even threatened to jump. it took negotiators five hours to talk him down. he is now undergoing oaks at a local hospital. police in ohio on the hunt for a real life robin hood. this man held up a bank and then took off the cash. it doesn't end there. the suspect apparently jogged to a local shopping area, spotted a mother and daughter
5:41 pm
window hopping and handed them each a one hund bill. stunned women eventually learned what happened and returned the money to the bank. the suspect is still on the loose. >> i wonder what he did with the rest of the money, if he was handing it out to people or what. >> i don't know. maybe there is another peter out there, because we know he robbed paul. the sun may have came back, but will it stick around? >> gary has your forecast tonight. we will also talk about the mother's day forecast come up. and more than 100,000 cars yanked off the road. the problem, faulty air bags. what you need to know before you get behind the wheel is still ahead. >> you like that one, huh? - ( music playing )  - we know technology can make you more connected.
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how about this the actor denzel washington making it big on broadway this year.
5:45 pm
katherinezy a jones and kelsey grammar are all nominate. the rewards recognize excellence in live theater. fans are eagerly waiting for tonight's new episode of glee. it's approaching their season finale. the whirlwind rise to the top has propelled the cast to the level they never expected. more on how the stars are coping. >> reporter: still hitting the perfect note with fans, glee continues its ferry tail freshman season. now the cast can stop and smell the roses. >> we are stars now. >> it never feels in the moment as real as you think it's going to. i have these pinch me moments where, oh, my god, you know, i can't believe all these awesome things that are happening. >> it's really exciting. i never thought it would be this big of a deal this quickly. >> it's a perfect storm of
5:46 pm
certain elements, number one being rooting for the underdog. jane lynch has blossomed as a stylist, first with madonna's vogue and now getting physical with olivia newton-john. >> yes, it was awesome. we had a really great time. it was kind of a dream come true. i have been a fan of hers forever. >> it was lovely. we had just the lovelyist time. my face was aching from laughing so much. >> reporter: lea michelle starred in a tony win musical. this kind of success is in a league all its own. >> i walk pasta news stand and see myself on the cover of rolling stone. it's a different kind of gratification when you feel it happening. but i'm super excited about our tour which is coming up in may, because you know, that is going to be our chance to say thank you to our fans and really meet the people who have, you know, helped us so much in getting to
5:47 pm
where we are now. >> reporter: feel the glee every tuesday night on fox. in hollywood, anita vogel, fox news. the big night here on fox5. tune in as the top five final lists take the stages on "american idol," followed by glee at nine. stay with us for a jam packed 90 minutes of news beginning with fox5 news at 10:00 d. another beautiful day, gary. you said it. we hope it carries on through the weekend. of course, mother's day this weekend, so a lot of folks are thinking about what they are doing with their mom. >> it's tuesday, shawn. >> i think tomorrow could actually be better than today. >> wow, really? >> how about that? and thursday is shape up to be pretty nice, too. fry -- i'm getting ahead of myself. looking northwest, you can see the cathedral there. we had a little cold air loft
5:48 pm
today. once we started heating up we built a couple of clouds. not very much. certainly enough to let all the sunshine through. today's winds were kind of to the northwest. when we get these northwesterly winds, this can happen. national is actually the warmest temperature around for high temperatures today anyway. reagan 84. dulles 82. bwi 81. generally speaking, dulles is usually the warner high temperature. but with the northerly westerly winds, reagan is up there. it looks like for tomorrow we are going to be just a little bit cooler. not much. still in the 80s. looks like we will be just a little bit cooler for tomorrow. and the humidity is just a non- factor. it looks like for the next several days. if you have outdoor plans, get them done the next couple days or just be out and enjoy it. 83 and holding. gaithersburg is 89. frederick is 82. you see the 80s back to the west. the warm spot with the
5:49 pm
temperature of 86 degrees. shall we fly back out to the nation's central plains and southern plains and show you down here? lots of 80-degree weather. amaryl a 86. 90 degrees in del rio. and i want to take you back and show you this because this is kind of our feed of weather the next couple of days. so we will be at least for 80s, it looks like, for most of the rest of the week. except for the weekend. mostly fair tonight at 11:00. 70 degrees. sunny tomorrow morning. 8:00 am in the city we are already up in the middle 60s. out in the suburbs a little cooler at 8:00 am tomorrow. lower 60s. by lunchtime everybody is up in the mid or upper 70s. we thought today we auto may v a couple of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. we are clear now. all of this activity has stayed to the north of us and run across pennsylvania. there is the outside chance, probably less than a 10% chance, that we may get a
5:50 pm
scattered shower firing up over the next couple of hours or so. once the sun sets, the chances for any rainfall will be nil. i think if anything, it will be east to the city now as opposed to west of the city. you can see that activity has stayed to the north of us. this future cast tonight at 6:00 to kind of show you that all of this stays to the north on through the overnight hours. tomorrow afternoon, this is at 6:00 tomorrow evening, will be dry here. maybe a couple of isolated shower. maybe a thunder shower along the ridge tops. we will be dry tomorrow and very, very nice. one thing we will watch. tomorrow night and into thursday morning there is going to be a funnel system coming in our direction, and there will be a few showers along. i stopped this at 3:00 am so you can see this. we are not putting rain in the forecast because this comes across, it shows everything drying out. we are not worried about it. we are watching it. if anything changes, we will
5:51 pm
let you know. we are dry thursday and thursday evening. as we go into friday, for most of the day we're good. there will be a little more humidity on friday. temperatures right back up into the 8 -- 80s. sunny and breezy tomorrow morning. and then as we go through the day tomorrow, 65 degrees to start. lunchtime very, very nice with temperatures in the upper 70s. lower 80s tomorrow afternoon. the reason i think tomorrow is probably a little bit better than today, will be a little bit cooler, just a little cooler, low humidity and completely sunny skies. there may be a few clouds. and then look at mother's day on sunday. it's 68 degrees. >> okay. >> partly cloudy. >> loving it. >> so let's see what happens. >> craig and rusty, remember mother's day. the talk of the town on
5:52 pm
tmz, the man who pleaded guilty to stalking espn reporter aaron andrews started serve his sentence yesterday. let's talk about this guy and the reaction from aaron andrews. she doesn't like where he is serving his term, right? >> reporter: she is furious. really furious. he was -- he turned himself into an atlanta prison, federal prison. he was supposed to turn himself in around northern california. and that somehow changed. she has a home in atlanta. and she is really angry that he is in prison in the area where she lives. but we are told there was some kind of a problem get him into the original prison. maybe an overcrowding issue. but we're told he will be moved from the atlanta facility shortly. so nonetheless, she is really mad. >> you can see why she would be creeped out about that. another celebrity husband admitting to cheating on his
5:53 pm
wife. bones star david boreanaz. i understand that he may have something else in common with tiger woods besides the meeting, right? >> reporter: well, he certainly does. there is a yuba tell connection because she had an affair with david, too, and was texting david while david's wife was giving birth. she is not the same mistress. she was another one who was trying to get six figures out of david for not going to the media. gloria all red, who is representing that mistress, says that was a legal situation. >> at least he is coming forward admitting he has done something wrong. a former cbs producer convicted of trying to exsort david letterman has started serving his six-month jail
5:54 pm
term. 52-year-old holder man pleaded guilty in march to trying to extort $2 million from letterman. he will also perform 1,000 hours of community service. we should also tell you bret michaels formerly of poison released from the hospital. all right. let's check in with brian, find out what is coming up on the news at 6:00. >> as you know, authorities have a suspect in custody in connection with the times square terror plots. we will take you live to new york with for the very latest. we will go to charlottesville. plus the fighter for gay marriage in the district. the push to put the law up for a vote. and melanie all wick under covers changes to your flexible spend account. at six. hang tight.
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. do our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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a consumer alert tonight for infinity drivers. nissan is recalling coombs to fix a problem that could cause air bags not to deploy in a crash. the recall involves about 135,000 cars. nissan says a wire harness under the front seat could wear down and interrupt the signal to the air bag. the company will start notifying owners in june. you can also call your dealership if you have any questions. we have a health alert for people who take aspirin to prevent heart disease. there could be a link between cron's disease. the disease is the digestive illness that raises the risk of bowel cancel. also tonight, get a little too much or even not enough sleep could cause you to die early.
5:59 pm
an italian study found people who sleep for less than 6 hours a night are 12% more likely to die prematurely. people who consistently slept for more than nine hours may have an illness that is potentially fatal. the news tonight is far from over. the news at 6:00 starts right now. the murder of a uva lacrosse player. today his lawyer claims it was an accident. court documents obtained by fox5 contain a much more graphic picture. sharely ly is in charlottesville with the investigation. >> reporter: here at the university of virginia the search warrants we obtained today are a real eye opener. and we have to warn you, they contain some very graphic details of this crime. but it was the attorneys for george huguely who


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